RTD Snow Plowing provides our customers with options and flexibility.  Each customer requires a unique approach to their property and budget.  We identify when and where salting and plowing take place.  Where to push the snow and which areas are the customer’s biggest concern.

We have a Quality Management System to ensure every part of the process, from pre-season planning through post-season property inspection.  This reduces the customers risk, ensures the property is safe, and ensures high customer satisfaction.  Our 24/7 call center and real-time service tracking allows RTD Snow Plowing to provide great service.

Pre-Season Planning

  • RTD Snow Plowing staff gathers data regarding your property, then commits a team member to your location.
  • Your locations are inspected for damage before the first snow flake falls.
  • Stakes are installed to keep damage to its absolute minimum.

Pre-Storm Snow Plan

  • We track storms through WeatherWorks.
  • Customers are provided forecasts 48 hour before the storm
  • Snow Operations Managers communicate pre and post storm to ensure they are up to date on property conditions and plowing and salting completion.

During the Storm

  • Our approach makes sure snow plowing and salting is provided in a timely manner.
  • Our call center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during snow events.
  • Snow Operations Managers are inspecting your site to know that your snow and salting needs are being met per the scope of work. Making sure customers, visitors and employees will be safe.

Post-Storm Process

  • All snow events are submitted through the a dedicated commercial snow app. Including after snow event visits to confirm property has been serviced correctly.
  • Properties are reviewed at the end of each snow event to confirm areas are safe before snow operations are considered complete.
  • After services are confirmed, billing invoices are provided within 7 days.

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Our snow customers include the following:

  • Office Parks, Corporate Campuses, Industrial Parks
  • Retail Shopping Centers, Strip Malls and Malls
  • Distribution Centers and Warehouses
  • Medical Complexes and Hospitals
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities
  • Commercial and Retail Parking Lots
  • Government Facilities
  • Apartment Buildings and Condominiums

Snow Plowing and Ice Management Contract Options

RTD Snow Plowing invests in personnel, materials, and vehicles.  Our equipment includes:

  • Pay Loaders
  • Skid Steers
  • John Deere Sidewalk Sweeper Tractors
  • V Plow Trucks with Salters
  • V Plow Trucks with Back Blades
  • Kubota Farm Tractors with Snow Blowers
  • Dump Trailers
  • Snow Blowers

RTD Snow Plowing customers are typically looking for one of three types of contracts; Per Push, Per Event, or Fixed Seasonal Pricing.


A Per Push contract is for customers who prefer to pay each time salt is applied and snow is plowed. This option is for those customers who are getting their area taken care of once at a time. The benefit of this type of contract is that you are only billed per the services performed.


A Per Event contract is suited for big snow events. If it snowing all day and night, snow is going to accumulate all day and night. This will result in the need for multiple trips by snowplow trucks and salt trucks throughout the day and night. Price is based on total snow accumulation.


A Fixed Seasonal Pricing contract is for businesses that want to pay one price for the entire season limiting their cost risk. It is the best way to budget snow plowing and salting for the entire season.